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Posted on Feb 9, 2014 | 3 comments

Yevgeni Plushenko Scapular?

Yevgeni Plushenko Scapular?


What's that under Yevgeni Pleshenko's shirt?

What’s that under Yevgeni Plushenko’s shirt?


A reader wants to know — was Russian “rock star” skater Yevgeni Plushenko wearing a brown scapular in his performance Thursday and today?


Something scapular-like was certainly visible under his flesh-toned shirt early in the program Thursday.

After his shirt opened during vigorous skating, numerous necklaces spilled out. One could very well have been a brown scapular (photos on his fan page show him wearing numerous religious necklaces, including crucifixes) but it was never fully visible.


Something scapular-like...

Something scapular-like…

Today he wore the same thing, but with a different selection of necklaces that seemed to be all, or mostly religious medals.


Can any Plushenko fans fill us in? Is it a brown scapular? Something similar, but Russian? Something different and Russian?


  1. I am a jewelry designer and also noticed his necklaces. Thought one looked like a silver anatomical heart.

  2. We were analyzing that here at our house too, straining our eyes to catch a glimpse. By the time he was done we were convinced that it was a scapular. I know I saw a cross shaped pendant of some kind too on one of the chains. Very interesting.

  3. I had recorded his performance on DVR. I wanted to see if that really is a scapular he wore, so I did a frame-by-frame analysis of Evgeny’s “necklaces.” I could make out a little rectangular medal (vertically rectangular) and thought it looked like a picture of “Mater Gratiae” or “Our Lady of the Bowed Head.” This is a discalced Carmelite devotion and has in its history a pious devotion by the Empress of the Imperial Court in Vienna in around 1631. So…from one imperial court to another? (Austrian to Russian?) Anyway, I consulted my book of Carmelite devotions and sure enough, the picture I remembered was the replica on Evgeny’s little rectangular medal. Therefore, I’m convinced that the scapular mentioned in previous messages is the Brown Scapular of the Carmelite order.