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Posted on Nov 18, 2014 |

Video: The Ohio Composer and the Skateboarding Friar

Video: The Ohio Composer and the Skateboarding Friar


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A new video by Spirit Juice Studios outside of Chicago hit the web with a bang this month. It features striking footage of Br. Gabriel Mary Cortes, a member of the Friars of the Immaculate and a skateboarder before he entered religious life, set to a haunting rendition of the Salve Regina.


Br. Gabriel sings the hymn himself, but the musical arrangement that accompanies it is by Toledo composer Sean Beeson. Known for his work composing for video games, Beeson has worked with Spirit Juice on videos by Fr. Pontifex (spoken word poet and Indianapolis priest Fr. Claude “Dusty” Burns), the upcoming documentary film Alberione: Media Apostle, the Word on Fire project Priest, Prophet, King, the 40th March for Life video on founder Nellie Grey, and more.


“Although I do a lot of video game, film, and trailer scoring, I seem to be doing more and more Catholic Media every month, which I love,” Beeson told The Catholic Beat. “In fact, if there were more of that kind of work, I think I wouldn’t even mind scoring Catholic-based projects exclusively. Hopefully that can become a reality in the future, with the re-invigoration of new-media Catholicism.”


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