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Posted on Jul 22, 2015 |

Video: The Catholic Church’s Third Way

Video: The Catholic Church’s Third Way


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Are you feeling discouraged after the Supreme Court’s ruling redefining marriage? Do you not even know where to start talking or thinking about our brothers and sisters attracted to people of the same sex? Revisit this sensitive, compassionate documentary made in Indianapolis to hear Catholics who have found peace and healing explain how Christ has anchored their lives, and the “third way” beyond the two choices our society says exist: to redefine every institution and force every person to accept “gay pride” or to vilify and reject men and women who struggle with same-sex attraction. Showing compassion does not mean abandoning the truth about men and women.


For DVDs, study guides, and more, click here for the Blackstone films online store. “The Third Way” is not affiliated with Third Way Ministry, an online training course for ministers, or so-called “Third Way” Protestant congregations that claim a neutral stance on same-sex attraction and related issues, but in practice consider them positive. They all simply share the same name.
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To connect with the Cincinnati chapter of  Courage, a national Catholic apostolate for people with same-sex attraction, send an email here.


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