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Posted on Jul 1, 2015 |

Video: College Seminary

Video: College Seminary


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Several college seminarians from the Archdiocese of Cincinnati studying at the Pontifical College Josephinum (Columbus) and Bishop Simon Bruté College (Indianapolis) are interviewed in the newest vocation video produced by Cincinnati-based US Digital Partners.


Made to show at Archbishop Dennis Schnurr’s “Andrew Dinners” for high school men discerning a vocation for the priesthood, the video will take the place of one that was still effective, but a little past its shelf life, according to Associate Vocation Director Wayne Topp. “One of the men in that video is entering his final year of formation and will be ordained a priest at the end of this year!” he says


Like the previous video, this one showcases the many facets of life in a college seminary, “most especially the opportunity for silent discernment and prayer, but also the opportunity for relaxation and fun with brother seminarians. We wanted everyone who watches this video to understand that by entering seminary, you don’t miss out on college life, but you also get so much more than the regular college experience.


“You can hear in the stories being told that most of the men who enter college seminary do so without a certainty that they will be ordained a priest or that they are definitely called to the priesthood,” Topp says. “It is a calling that all men struggle with throughout their time in formation and that is a very positive thing. That means they have entered the seminary for the right reason, to discern God’s will for their lives.”


Paul Padgett, who oversaw the video for US Digital Partners, says the goal of filming was to present “an honest look at college seminary life — the holiness, the prayer and the sacrifice, but also the fun and camaraderie of daily life. We wanted to show what kind of guy goes to college seminary, what a daily routine looks like, and what is the larger personality of the experience.”


Although the crew thought they knew what to expect, Padgett says the reality of college seminary life still held some surprises. “Throughout our time, I was reminded again and again, that these guys are just guys,” he says. “They like to joke and play sports and get loud. It’s easy to have a preconception that these men will be quiet or meek, but I was blown away by the raucous noise and laughter and happiness.
“These are guys being guys, and something about the setting actually seems to be liberating rather than constricting. I was also blown away by their thoughtfulness in making the decision to enter, their bravery, their candor about their experiences.”


Padget adds that his most interesting discovery was “the number of guys who said that their decision came to them during adoration. It seemed that every guy we interviewed had a similar experience in adoration.”


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