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Posted on Oct 29, 2014 | 1 comment

Treasures: St. Teresa of Avila Windows

Treasures: St. Teresa of Avila Windows

Reposted from our first year: The only windows like this in the world

Built in an ornate Spanish Mission style unusual for our area, St. Teresa of Avila (Price Hill, Cincinnati) is full of treasures, from its carved porticos to its stations of of the cross. It unusual windows in the nave — long, narrow, and clear — are patterned after alabaster windows from St. Sabina in Rome.

But one of its most striking features are the stained glass windows that line the outer walls. Each depicts a saint or a prophet, designed in a distinctive Romanesque style. But few know how distinctive: The windows, designed by The Franz Mayer Co. of Munich, are patterned after the oldest extant stained glass windows and are the only ones of their kind.

The five windows in Augsberg’s St. Mary’s cathedral represent five Old Testament prophets and were made at a Benedictine monastery in the early 1200s, according to Gabriel Mayer from the German company, which today produces architectural glass and mosaics as well as stained glass. He says the church’s architect, John Burdick of Gardner Architects, saw photos of the Augsberg windows at the Franz Mayer studios and asked that new windows depicting saints be designed like them.

“These windows are absolutely unique in design,” Mayer says. “To our knowledge, there is no other church in the world which has such a set of prophet and saint windows in that style.”

Three of the five Augsberg windows are reproduced at St. Teresa of Avila. While the Bavarian windows are set high in the cathedral’s soaring clerestory, the St. Theresa windows are larger and set at eye level, and are grouped in threes.

According to the parish, groundbreaking for the current St. Teresa of Avila church (the original was dedicated in 1916) began in 1960 and the church was dedicated in 1963.

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Two ancient windows from St. Mary’s Cathedral in Augsberg, the oldest stained glass windows in the world.

Windows designed in the style of the Augsberg windows for St. Teresa of Avila parish.

More St. Teresa of Avila windows.

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  1. The correct spelling of the Church is:
    St Teresa of Avila