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Posted on Oct 29, 2012 |

Treasures: St. Leo’s Prayer Wall

Treasures: St. Leo’s Prayer Wall

A section of the The St. Leo Prayer Wall, where anyone in North Fairmount (OH) can go to pray with Christ and depictions of community members. Click any photo to enlarge.

Designed to be “a place of prayer for all peoples” along the lines of the famous Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, the Prayer Wall at St. Leo parish in North Fairmount (OH) transforms a concrete retaining wall into a place people can go to pray with peacemakers and saints throughout the ages.


Designed by artist Barry Davis and painted by students from Miami University, Visions & Voices, and St. Leo parishioners and friends, the wall and a second Saints Wall depicts people from the community as well as people from the past.


“The Wall is a place for our staff and volunteers, youth groups, community meetings, and for individuals who just pass through our parking lot on the way to work, school, etc., to pray, reflect and pause,” says parish spokesperson Casey Betz. “We invite you to share in this special way of prayer, joy, and thanksgiving. Praise God!”


St. Leo the Great is one of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati’s most diverse parishes, where “an international community of believers” gathers as one. The mixed-race and mixed-income parish made of up people from several Cincinnati neighborhoods has made “Welcoming the Stranger” its theme as it helps immigrants and recent refugees, particularly from Burundi, Congo and Guatemala, make a new life in the United States.


This year St. Leo celebrated its 125th anniversary. All are invited to the anniversary year closing Mass on Nov. 11 at 10:30. Bishop Joe Binzer will celebrate the Mass, which Betz says will have a “unique, international liturgy” reflectimg its unique, international parishioners.

Photos courtesy St. Leo parish.

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A section of the St. Leo Saints Wall, which depicts Our Lady of Guadalupe; saints including Bl. Mother Theresa, St. Francis, and St. Leo the Great; and famous peacemakers.

The entire St. Leo Prayer Wall; click to enlarge.

The entire St. Leo Saints Wall; click to enlarge.