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Posted on Oct 15, 2015 |

St. X Football Coach Featured on Internet Series, Website

St. X Football Coach Featured on Internet Series, Website


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Two internat sites dedicated to football featured St. Xavier High School  (Cincinnati) Head Football Coach Steve Specht this month.


Gridirons TV, an internet video series about football coaches from youth to professional levels, featured the winning high school coach on  its third and newest episode, and featured him as someone “every coach in America can learn from.”


Head football coach since 2004, Specht has led the team to two championships and a 106-36 record, and has been honored with numerous awards. The 15-minute, professionally produced video explores Specht’s coaching style and philosophy, and includes many clips of the team.


In it, Specht says high school football is about the players developing as young men, and that coaches wanting to make a name for themselves should work at the college or professional level. The ultimate success for high school coaches, he says, comes from seeing young men go on to success in all professions and as upstanding adults.


That doesn’t preclude winning games, he hastens to add.


“You build great kids, you’re going to win football games,” Specht says. “I don’t need a great coach, I need a great person that can become a great coach. I need a great kid  that’s going to work his tail off to become a better player. You get those factors involved, you’re going to be successful” as a football program.


Coach Specht on Football Scoop:

This excerpt from by Zach Barnetts story “Every coach in America can learn from St. Xavier’s Steve Specht” ran on Oct. 8th in

When a high school goes looking for a head football coach, all of them – every single one in America – wants to hire Steve Specht. I’m not talking about Specht specifically. Most of them, assuredly, probably haven’t heard of the 12-year head coach at St. Xavier High School in Cincinnati. But all of them are looking for their own replica of him.

Specht has been St. Xavier’s head coach since 2004, leading the Bombers to a 106-36 record with two state championships. He’s been named the NFL High School Coach of the Year, an Ohio Coach of the Year twice, and as one of the top 10 high school coaches in America by Athlon. Specht sits on the board of USA Football and has coached in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl.

So, yes, each high school in America wants Specht’s win and his accomplishments. But what they really want, what their program, department, school and community truly crave, is a coach with Specht’s leadership capabilities and his outlook on the job. In that regard, many of Specht’s peers may stand to his side as an equal, but none are above him…

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