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Posted on Apr 2, 2016 | 17 comments

Son Rise Morning Show Host Matt Swaim Leaves Program

Son Rise Morning Show Host Matt Swaim Leaves Program


Former "Son Rise Morning Show Host" Matt Swaim announced his resignation from Cincinnati's Catholic radio station, Sacred Heart Radio, Friday -- on social media rather than on the air.

Former “Son Rise Morning Show Host” Matt Swaim announced his resignation from Cincinnati’s Catholic radio station, Sacred Heart Radio, Friday — on social media rather than on the air.

In a surprise move Friday, Son Rise Morning Show host Matt Swaim resigned from the program he helped launch as producer in 2007. Then a two-hour local radio program hosted by former WCPO anchor Brian Patrick, the drive-time show combining prayers, daily Mass readings, and interviews with local and national guests, soon expanded to three hours and, by the second year, was broadcast for two hours each day by the EWTN Radio Network.


Swain has hosted the program broadcasting from Sacred Heart Radio’s studios at Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center in Norwood (OH) with the station’s News Director, Anna Mitchell, since Patrick’s departure to return to television news with EWTN in 2013.


“… after much prayerful discernment,” Swaim wrote in a letter he posted on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag “notAprilFools,” “I hereby announce my resignation…


“I had the best job in the world, working alongside the best people in the world, for some eleven years. Please pray for me, that moving forward, God will continue to clear paths for me, and pray that God will continue to bless the ongoing mission of Sacred Heart Radio, the best local Catholic radio station the world has ever known.”

Swaim posted his letter of resignation on Facebook and Twitter with the message, ""With tearful gratitude, I hereby issue the following. ‪#‎notAprilFools‬"

Swaim posted his letter of resignation on Facebook and Twitter with the message, “With tearful gratitude, I hereby issue the following. ‪#‎notAprilFools‬”


The announcement came just hours after the morning show finished its week-long coverage of the death of Mother Angelica, foundress of EWTN, and days after the station’s spring fund drive exceeded its goal of $50,000.


Within minutes, fan responses began pouring in to the show’s Facebook page, most offering prayers as well as expressing dismay.Wow. Mornings will not be the same. Thank you for all you’ve given us listeners,” one listener wrote.”You’ve taught me so very much, and entertained me along the way. For all that lies ahead of you, I wish you much success and happiness. Truly, thank you for all you’ve given. AMDG”


“Oh Matt you will be missed!” another wrote. “You were a friendly voice when this Protestant girl was making her tentative way toward the Church. God bless you as you move on!”


And another, “May God bless you and keep you Matt Swaim, and grant you his peace. I will be praying for you. I will miss you and especially your prayers that started each show. Praying Anna will pick up the reins.”


Swaim, who lives in Cincinnati with his wife and son, has not announced future plans. But Anna Mitchell will indeed pick up the reins at the Son Rise Morning Show next week.


“Matt hasn’t been just a co-worker, but a brother and a dear friend,” she said Friday. “I am not able to adequately express how much I’m going to miss him every morning.  But I do believe that God’s hand is in this, and the Son Rise Morning Show will persevere.  Please keep all of us in your prayers as we transition and move forward.”


Station Manager Bill Levitt said he hopes to be able to make an announcement about a replacement soon. Radio and television hosts change, he said, but the program’s history and staff have been blessed.


When Brian Patrick began as host of the Son Rise Morning Show, people told him his career was over,” he said. “He had been in local news — and within a year he was broadcasting nationally. Given our history, we can be assured that the Lord has great things in store for the program. And the Lord has great things in store for Matt.”


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  1. Common error: she will pick up the reins (as in handling horses) not the reigns (referring to monarchs). Best wishes to Matt!

    • D’oh!!!

  2. You will be missed. Blessings on your new adventures. PAX

  3. Wahhhh!!! But seriously, Many prayers for everyone! I know Matt can never be “replaced”, but God will send someone who’s time has come to step into his large vacant shoes! I am anxious to learn of what Matt will be doing next, hopefully something “public” that allows us to still follow his intellect, wit, and inspiring Faith. Annie, Bill, Paul, – You’ve got this! Keep up the amazing work, all of you!

    • We are all on tenterhooks to discover Matt’s next move, and to see what God has in store for the Son Rise Morning Show!

  4. No, Annie reigns.

    • Okay, she DOES “pick up the reigns”!

  5. What a shock to hear this morning. Anna my prayers are with you: you will be great! And I know God will send you a new sparring partner very soon. Prayers for Matt too as he goes on to new pastures. The show is a real blessing for me and many others. Thanks.

  6. But there’s not much “news” here. We’re not told WHY he resigned, apparently quite abruptly. It seems quite odd that such a long time employee would, apparently, give his employer no notice. (Also, the letter is not dated, so perhaps it was prepared some time in advance while he awaited the right moment?) Inquiring minds want to know!

    • Frank – God has a plan. Sometimes He reveals it, sometimes “it’s a secret!”

  7. Prayers for Matt – my dear and precious friend – at this time of “transition”. Annie, you have ALWAYS done a magnificent job when you’ve “reigned” alone. You just seem to get better and better, frankly. God’s ways are not our ways – but they are perfect, and He has a plan. You and the show continue to be on my heart, in my thoughts and prayers, In His Love!

  8. To leave with no notice and no goodbyes says something is wrong. Brian Patrick was never acknowledged by Matt on air. He always tossed it to the network. Friction? And then his letter says nothing. Says he had the best boss and job. Yeah everyone says that walking out with no where to go.

  9. Pick up the reins is correct. The reference is to taking control of a team of horses from the relieved driver. Or to the driver entering the seat and initially taking control of the horses.

    • The “correction” about Annie reigning was a joke. Let’s just say she holds the reins AND she reigns!

  10. I will miss the clever,silly,intelligent Matt to make me smile on my drive to work!

  11. MATT I am So sad you left. Now who am I gonna turn too for my “Geek” fix? I loved it when you talked about J.R.Tolkein “LORD OF THE RINGS” ” STARS WARs,”THE BEATLES”, and C.S LEWIS. I couldnt believe my luck when i first heard you talk about some of my favorites. I never new that some of these authors were Catholic. As convert who also “read my way into The Church” and a Closetted “Fantasy Fiction,” Geek (ie Star wars, Star Gate SG1, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings etc.), i saw you as a kindred spirit. Even though you are younger than me and a man of Southern heritage, it was amazing how similar in taste of entertainment and interests we were.

    Indeed, I do love Anna Mitchell too; it is really refreshing to hear a young woman like myself, holding her own in a male dominated “On Air culture.” But she doesn’t have the kind of “Geeky spin” on things that i liked about Matt. Plus she seem to think “Star Wars geeks” are all men. How wrong is she about that. I am a woman, a mom, and a Fanfic Writing, ComiCon Watching, Star Wars loving Geek.

    Best of Luck Matt! Sorry to see you go, but it was not so much a surprise for me. I always expected you will go “National” or ” move up/ Move on” one day. Please keep us SH-Radio fans up to date, where ever you go please!, especially if it is a new “Radio Show -ON Air”/ EWTN related.

    Now Anna! it’s time to bring out your inner “Geek” sister. I like your reporting style and intelligence. Now all you need is better comedic timing and a dash of geekiness. Don’t always be so serious, laugh at yourself more and be as geeky as you can be. It’s true that I’ll need time to get used to Matt being gone. But take comfort in knowing that i am cheering you on too.

    Anna You will will soon move up from 2nd to my #1 favorite morning show host. Please know that I am a also a big fan of yours too. You definitely know your stuff.

  12. I am praying for you Matt and Anna. As well as for Sacred Heart Radio, EWTN and all their Staff. “May the Force [ Grace & Blessings of our Lord Christ Jesus] be with you”always!