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Posted on Jun 4, 2014 |

Seminarian Video Channel Launches

Seminarian Video Channel Launches

A still from the introductory video at the "Men of the Mount" YouTube channel.

A still from the introductory video at the “Men of the Mount” YouTube channel.

Seminarians at Mount St. Mary’s Seminary of the West (Mt. Washington/Cincinnati) have launched their own YouTube channel.


Called “Men of the Mount,” it will include short videos about seminary life made by the seminarians themselves.


Unlike the professional Gift of the Priesthood videos (click here and here to see the originals, click here to see the newest in the series) they will be short (so far, about two minutes long), informal, and sometimes humorous. The videos’s “homemade” quality is part of their charm.


For instance the first video, misspelled “Introdcution” to the Project, features Deacon Ethan Moore and seminarian Chris Geiger clowning on the slides at a local jungle gym.


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The second, by seminarian Sean Wilson, was filmed in the Our Lady of the Skies chapel at the JFK airport, and is a short introduction to the idea of making the sign of the cross when passing a church.


(Email subscribers: Click on the story headline to watch the video at our web site.)



“I’m very excited about this project,” says Wayne Topp, Associate Director of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati’s Vocations Office. “We have a fantastic group of men who have always been willing to try new things and be innovative about the way they can minister to the people of the Archdiocese, and specifically reach that younger audience.


“It is truly a blessing to me to see that, not only are these men desiring to do the will of God in their own lives, they also have a real desire to serve and teach and lead the people of this Archdiocese and help them to do the will of God as well. Obviously, these are great qualities of any priest. It is a real testament to the character of these men.”


The videos also highlight that men called to the priesthood don’t lead lives of otherworldly holiness, Topp adds. “What I also love about this video project is that it already is showing the ‘normal’ character of the men who are being called to the priesthood,” he says, something men and their families are glad to find out. Though aimed at the Archdiocese, the videos will be available to anyone, anywhere, looking into what it’s like to be a seminarian — and so will vocations throughout the whole Church.


The next few videos, Wilson says, will also focus on the whole Church, as they’ll be posted by seminarians taking at trip to the Holy Land.
To follow their trip, and their channel, go to “menofthemount1” at YouTube.


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