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Posted on Nov 11, 2013 |

+Schnurr for Bishops’ VP?

+Schnurr for Bishops’ VP?

Archbishop Dennis Schnurr flanked by members of the Knights of Columbus at the deaconate ordination.

Archbishop Dennis Schnurr flanked by members of the Knights of Columbus at tlast year’s diaconate ordination.

In a November post on For His Friends, the blog Church reporter extraordinaire Rocco Palmo called “The Mother of All Episcopal Blogs,” St. Petersburg, FL, Bishop Robert Lynch wrote that he planned to vote for Cincinnati Archbishop Dennis Schnurr as Vice President of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).

Heading out to Baltimore for the USCCB conference that begins today, Bishop Lynch made several predictions about what is likely to occur. Approval of the Spanish version of the new missal and the new translation of the Order of Celebrating Marriage and the Order of Confirmation are likely to go quickly, he said, although “the bishops abhor a vacuum and verbal sparks can sometimes fly when least expected.”

“What is likely to capture the greatest attention will be the vote for a new president and vice-president of the Conference,” he said, adding that although it’s customary to elect the USCCB’s sitting vice president as its next president, that did not happen at the last election. Instead, New York’s Cardinal Dolan was elected:

“…When the vote was taken and my friend Archbishop (then) Dolan was elected, I was astounded, disappointed and somewhat ashamed. He had nothing to do with the shenanigans and was bright enough to have served well but knowing him as I do, I would bet he might say that three years as Vice-President might have helped some. Anyway a great bishop was embarrassed, a group of bishops within the conference were celebrating their victory, and I thought it was one of the worst experiences of being a bishop I had experienced.”

This time, Bishop Lynch said, he expects the bishops to return to their wonted practice:

“I know of no such underground-swell this time and I expect, hope and pray that Archbishop Joseph Kurtz of Louisville is elected. He is a great churchman, a good archbishop for his diocese, and would represent us well as has Cardinal Dolan. I will cast my vote for Vice-President out of loyalty and confidence for my former colleague in the Office of the General Secretary, Archbishop Dennis Schnurr, Archbishop of Cincinnati. Those two neighboring ordinary Ohio River ordinaries would serve the Church well for the next three years.”

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In an interview for the Souix City, IA,  Catholic Globe, Archbishop Schnurr quipped, “No, I am not promising everyone they can keep their health insurance.”


He told editor Joanne Fox that he was chosen as one of the 10 nominees three years ago but, still new to Cincinnati, said that he wasn’t ready for more responsibilities.


“The president needs to be an individual who can run a meeting, but also be able to listen to what is being said and bring about a consensus among about 200 bishops,” he told the Globe. “In addition, he has to stay on top of a lot of issues, nationally and internationally, plus he has to oversee his own diocese. It’s not a figurehead job, by any means.”


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