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Posted on Aug 6, 2012 |

Running for Souls 2012: An Update

Running for Souls 2012: An Update

This guest post by Brian Kinne originally appeared on the website of Catholic Charities for the Diocese of Covington. This will be the fourth year that Brian, who works for Catholic Charities, has been “Running for Souls,” praying the rosary for Christian unity as he runs Marathons.

Brian Kinne finishing the 2011 Air Force Marathon.

There’s a lot going on that is worth updating right now.  First of all, I’m in training for the Air Force Marathon. (Wow, 50% of the way to the finish line!!!)  The training is going good. I am running and praying a lot! I love training for marathons. The focus of the physical exertion plus the added spiritual focus that comes with literally hours of extra prayer is awesome! (I’ve told some people that it’s almost like another ‘spiritual season’ for me, similar to the Lenten or Christmas seasons!)

I have four other folks who are also “Running for Souls.” (I think that a better name may be “Training for Souls,” because some of the members are offering up other physical activities as their prayers in motion. Maybe we’ll do a name switch after the Air Force Marathon… we’ll see). I have prayer requests that people have asked me to pray for on my runs and I am honoring these requests by frequently lifting these prayers up during my training. (I hope that you can feel the effects of my prayers for your intentions!)

Things are going great! Thanks for your support!

There are many ways that you can help this worthwhile cause. The following are some ideas in no particular order:

1. Pass these emails on to others in your address book. We really need to get the word out and encourage others to visit the website ( and participate in some way.

2.  Encourage folks to join by offering up their physical activities in union with us as a prayer in motion.

3.  Follow Running for Souls on Facebook and Twitter. The links are at the site. I post regularly. Many of the posts deal with my runs. Many are spiritual in nature. Hopefully, people will find them interesting.

3.  Donate to Catholic Charities online or send in a check and do it in support of my Marathon effort for Running for Souls, similar to sponsoring someone to do a walk-a-thon. I will be really pushing to raise some money later in the training.  Right now, I am focusing on getting the word out, getting people involved, and getting folks asking for prayers and praying for others.

4.  Request prayers, pledge to pray, pledge to offer up your specific physical activities or endurance training as a prayer in motion… Join the team in one form or another!!!

5.  Share your stories of answered prayers. If you ask Running for Souls to pray for you, I will post your prayers anonymously on the website (coming soon!), if you’re prayer is answered, please share this with us so that I can post that as well. There are many ways to get involved!!!! Pray, request prayers, offer up your activities, donate to Catholic Charities, etc.

6.  Pass any other ideas that you have about how to get more people involved in Running for Souls on to me!

I have a dream that one day many, many folks will be joined together under the “Running for Souls” banner and that we will be an unbelievable force for the unity that Christ prayed for at the Last Supper, “that they may all be one…” My belief is that many of the problems that we face as a society could be greatly reduced by the unity that Christ prayed for. The only way for the Running for Souls dream to become a reality is for many more people to learn about this endeavor and for many more people to join. Please consider helping to spread the word about this very worthwhile cause in any way that you can.

Thanks so much for your help and for your good will!!!

God bless you,

Brian Kinne

Really… Running for Souls!!!!

Photos courtesy the Air Force Marathon and Brian Kinne.

The Air Force Marathon at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton (OH) was first held in 1997, for the 50th anniversary of the United States Air Force. This year will be the 16th annual race, and will be held on Sept. 15, three days before the 65th anniversary of the Air Force. 

The marathon course traverses historical places on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, including the National Museum of the United States Air Force, the Air Force Institute of Technology, Headquarters Air Force Materiel Command, the Wright-Patterson AFB flight line, Huffman Prairie Flying Field, and the Wright Brothers Memorial Monument. The total participants were capped at 15,000 and all four races — the Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K and 5K — are sold out.