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Posted on Jun 17, 2016 |

Pro-Life Operation RNC Stops in Cincinnati

Pro-Life Operation RNC Stops in Cincinnati

Mary Clark, Director of 40 Days for Life - Cincinnati, speaks at yesterday's press conference.

Mary Clark, Director of 40 Days for Life – Cincinnati, speaks at yesterday’s press conference.

If any organization were known to sexually abuse one child per year it would be deemed a pariah, unworthy to operate and never tax-funded,” Paula Westwood, Executive Director of Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati, said at a press conference yesterday in front of the Mt. Auburn Planned Parenthood abortion center. “But this Planned Parenthood dismembers and kills thousands of unborn children, disposes their remains with garbage, operates without a license, has to obtain a variance to the transfer agreement requirement from the Ohio Department of Health — yet is still financially propped up with local, state and federal tax dollars (our money!) by appointed and elected officials.”

One of five press conferences sponsored by a coalition of pro-life groups as part of “#OperationRNC,” the event was meant as a public request to the Republican National Committee to continue and strengthen the party’s pro-life stance at its convention in Cleveland next month, and as a challenge to add defunding Planned Parenthood and other abortion businesses to its list of goals.

Baby Emma, born 13 days ago, in front of the abortion business that would have taken her life. "It wasn't a care center, it was a death  morgue," her mother said.

Baby Emma, born 13 days ago, in front of the abortion business that would have taken her life. “It wasn’t a care center, it was a death morgue,” her mother said.

Other speakers were Troy Newman of Operation Rescue, Rev. Patrick Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition, Mark Harrington of Created Equal, Mary Clark of 40 Days for Life – Cincinnati, Laura Strietmann of Pregnancy Center East, and a young mother who received help there. The ecumenical group included a Protestant minister, a Catholic crisis pregnancy center, Protestant-run organizations, non-partisan and interfaith organizations with many Catholic members, and a Christian prayer vigil popular with many Catholic parishes. State. Rep Thomas Brinkman attended in support. 

Westwood said that Cincinnati Right to Life is non-partisan and works with anyone who supports life from conception to natural death, but that of the parties only the Republican and Constitutional parties have pro-life platforms. The Democratic platform is pro-abortion, as is the Democratic Socialist platform, while the Libertarian platform takes no stance.

Speakers noted that some 2600 babies a year are killed in the Mt. Auburn business, one of many Planned Parenthood affiliates that together receive more than half a billion dollars in public funds, despite a record of Medicare fraud, failure to report statutory rape, and other crimes.

“This is a pivotal moment in American history,” said Rev. Mahoney, pointing out that the upcoming election will determine the composition of the House and the Senate, as well as the Presidency. Democrats have strengthened their commitment to both abortion and to public funding of Planned Parenthood, he said: “I was just at a vigil for a talk by Secretary of State Clinton, and she called for the elimination of the Hyde Amendment.

“We are asking the GOP to to defund the largest abortion provider in the world, a business that offers no mammograms, no comprehensive healthcare for women, no prenatal care.”

Newman is a member of the board of the Center for Medical Progress, which made the undercover tapes of Planned Parenthood doctors and executives. “They violate the law every single day,” Newman said. “I consider them at best corrupt government contractors. I believe they are operating a criminal enterprise, and I call on the GOP to up their game.”

Mark Harrington, Mary Clark, Laura Streitmann, Paula Westwood, Rep. Tom Brinkman, Troy Newman, Rev. Patrick Mahoney.

Mark Harrington, Mary Clark, Laura Streitmann, Paula Westwood, Rep. Tom Brinkman, Troy Newman, Rev. Patrick Mahoney.

Harrington, who was accompanied by a number of young adults involved in several ongoing campaigns, spoke as the Created Equal “Truth Truck” drove by repeatedly. Pro-life activity is under attack in Ohio, he said, pointing to a proposed bubble law that would prohibit any pro-life speech within 15 feet of an abortion business. Such a law in Cincinnati would mean that the press conference would have been required to be held across the street. “They are reducing the First Amendment to a tape measure” to prevent people from criticizing abortion, he said.

Clark talked about 40 Days for Life originally being meant as a one-time event, and about the hope vigil coordinators around the world have that they can end because abortion ends. Strietmann introduced a young mother, Torina, and her 12-day-old baby girl Emma — a baby she had considered aborting. She had gone to Planned Parenthood for an exam and paid for the abortion but, during the 24-hour waiting period she realized that she could not go through with it.

“There’s no care” in Planned Parenthood, she said. She was treated with indifference in the office and, when she changed her mind, the abortion center would not refund her money. “I got a $370 checkup,” she said. “If anyone needs help, go to Pregnancy Center East. They saved my life.”

Wilting from the blazing heat, the crew packed up quickly — many of them headed to a second rally in the afternoon. Reporters from Channel 9 had done interviews and left shortly after the talks began, leaving the speakers to this reporter and each other. “We had media here,” Westwood said, thanking the speakers for their time and their efforts. “Some of them don’t want to hear the truth, but we will get it out.”

Other #OperationRNC Other coalition members include Dayton Right to Life, Cleveland Right to Life, Christian Alliance, and Foundation for Life.

The coalition also asks pro-life Ohio residents to meet in Cleveland to demonstrate at the Republican National Convention from  July 18-21st. Harrington said his office will help with accommodations and that people who want to come should “just come!” Contact Created Equal for more information.

Photos © Gail Deibler Finke for Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati. For a gallery of photos click here.

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