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Posted on Dec 20, 2013 |

Priests for Life: We Will Not Obey

Priests for Life: We Will Not Obey

Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life

Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life

Priests for Life have filed an emergency request for an injunction against the HHS mandate to provide contraception, sterilization, and “Plan B” pills for women employees after a judge dismissed their case this morning.


Saying that the mandate is “rationally related to the legitimate government purposes of promoting public health and gender equality” and that, as an organization eligible for the mandate’s so-called “accommodation” to have their insurance provider arrange for coverage, Priests for Life did not experience a “substantial burden” on its religious freedom rights, District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan dismissed the case.


Priests for Life issued the following statement:


“Today, the judge in our case in District Court in Washington DC ruled against us regarding the HHS mandate. Because the mandate would go into effect for us on January 1, we filed, within an hour of the judge’s decision, an emergency request with the US Court of Appeals for the DC circuit, to provide an injunction to maintain the status quo, protecting us from the mandate until our appeal to the same court can be heard and decided.


The judge’s decision today is a complete contradiction to Judge Cogan’s decision of just a few days ago in New York for organizations situated similarly to us and using exactly the same arguments.


The New York decision recognized that the religious nonprofits were being forced to cooperate with evil. Our judge, instead, claims that we are not being forced to cooperate with evil. Our judge’s decision is wrong, and we are confident of victory in our appeal.


Meanwhile, injunction or not, we will absolutely not obey, cooperate with,  or tolerate in any way this unjust mandate. As Scripture says, we will obey God rather than men.”


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