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Posted on Dec 9, 2013 | 2 comments

Pope Calls for World-Wide Prayer Wave Tomorrow

Pope Calls for World-Wide Prayer Wave Tomorrow

One of the bronze statues in the Dublin installation “Famine” by Rowan Gilespie. Photo courtesy stock.xchng.

One of the bronze statues in the Dublin Famine Memorial by Rowan Gilespie, a tribute to the millions who died or fled Ireland during the 19th century potato famine. Hunger and famine are still endemic in many parts of the world. Photo courtesy stock.xchng.

+Schnurr urges all to respond to pope’s call 

Speaking for a coalition of charities based at the Vatican, Pope Francis has called for a “a “global wave of prayer” against hunger on Tuesday beginning at noon in each time zone.


A five-minute video by Pope Francis to be released today will introduce a worldwide initiative against hunger by Caritas Internationalis, a Vatican-based coalition of charities, called ‘One Human Family, Food for All.’ The wave of prayer will begin at noon on December 10 on the South Pacific island of Samoa and head west across the world, according to Catholic News Service.


Dec. 10th, the U.N.’s Human Rights Day, was chosen for the program’s launch because of the U.N. contention that food is a human right. The campaign will continue with a “global week of action” in October aimed at pressuring governments to support laws upholding that right, and in 2015 Caritas will hold a general assembly of member leaders dedicated to the goal of eradicating hunger.


“There is enough food to feed the planet,” Óscar Cardinal Rodríguez Maradiaga of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, and president of Caritas said in a video message of his own. “We believe that with your help and the help of governments and the U.N. we can end hunger by 2025.”



In Cincinnati, Archbishop Dennis Schnurr has asked Catholics to respond to the Pope Francis’s call to pray however they can at noon Tuesday.


“Every day in our communities and around the world some members of the human family go to bed without enough food to sustain them,” Archbishop Schnurr said in a statement late last week. “This is intolerable. As Pope Francis has said, ‘It is a scandal that there is still hunger and malnutrition in the world.’


“I urge the faithful of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati to support the launch of this important effort with their prayers. Please join Pope Francis, Catholic Charities USA, Catholic Relief Services, and Catholics around the globe in an international ‘wave of prayer’ beginning at noon in each time zone on Dec. 10.


“Parishes, schools, agencies, institutions, and individuals are all invited to set aside at least half an hour at that time to pray that in our one human family, there is food for all.”


Noon Mass Downtown will Respond to Call

Catholic Charities Southwestern Ohio invites all to pray in solidarity with the Pope at the regular noon Mass at St. Louis Church (Downtown Cincinnati) tomorrow. Participants will gather for prayer in the Shrine Chapel (church Undercroft) at noon, to be followed by Mass at 12:10 p.m.. Fr. Steve Angi, church’s pastor and the Archdiocese’s Vicar General, will celebrate.


A second way to participate in an organized way is to sign an online pledge to pray at noon wherever you can on Dec. 10. (Click here to sign.)


The pledge reads:

“I pledge to join millions of others across the globe in a worldwide prayer wave to combat hunger.

As part of One Human Family, Food for All, I will take a moment on Tuesday, December 10 at 12:00 p.m. in my time zone to pray for those who go without food or struggle to provide nourishment for themselves and their families.

I promise to use the most powerful weapon there is – prayer – to work to change hearts and systems, ensuring that all who are hungry may find nourishment, strength, and peace.”


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  1. While I support the awareness of hunger and poverty I find it ironic that we can’t have at least one prayer vigil or wave of prayer for the unborn and pregnant women instead, in light of all the praise heaped on Nelson Mandela yesterday at his memorial and the fact that he was an accessory to Abortion in South America. Why are they always be thrown under the bus but every other cause gets a free pass. Just an observation.

    • Please bear in mind that this was planned long ago and just happens to be at the time Nelson Mandela died. There are a great many rallies and prayer services held for the unborn and for pregnant women — more all the time. We surely have room for both.