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Posted on May 26, 2016 |

Photo: St. Bonaventure Altar

Photo: St. Bonaventure Altar

The high altar at "St. Bonnies" in South Fairmount/Cincninati, in an undated photograph.

The high altar at “St. Bonnies” in South Fairmount/Cincinnati, in an undated photograph.

An undated photo f the altar at St. Bonaventure Church in South Fairmount/Cincinnati, closed down in 2004 and torn down shortly afterward.


The altar, side altars, and communion rail of “St. Bonnies” were not lost in the demolition — they’re now now at the Chapel of Divine Mercy of the Fathers of Mercy in Auburn, KY. The Fathers of Mercy is a congregation of priests who preach on God’s Mercy, especially as experienced thorugh the Mass and Confession, at parish missions and retreats.

Chapel of Divine Mercy, Auburn, KY.

Chapel of Divine Mercy, Auburn, KY.


According to the website Queen  Queen City Survey, the church’s rose window was moved to Holy Cross-Immaculata Church Mt.Adams/Cincinnati.



Photos courtesy the Old Photos of Cincinnati Facebook page and the Divine Mercy Fathers. For more photos of the Chapel of Divine Mercy, including many closeups of the altar, see this photo gallery.


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