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Posted on May 31, 2016 |

Photo: Schnirring Family “Pays it Forward”

Photo: Schnirring Family “Pays it Forward”

Six of the eight Schnirring children (Jeff, Molly, Dotty, Nellie, Joe and Art), who planned and ran a week of activities for the Archbishop Liebold Home, in thanks for the care the Little Sisters of the Poor give to their mother, Bernice.

The eight grateful sons and daughters of a woman who lives in the St. Paul’s Archbishop Liebold Home (Clifton/Cincinnati) held a week of events for staff and residents to thank the Little Sisters of the Poor for taking care of their mother, Bernice Schnirring.


In mid April the adult siblings (Harry, Roger, Joe, Jeff and Art Schnirring and Nellie Kellty of Baltimore, Dottie Sunday, and Molly Judge of Oak Harbor, OH) pooled their money to hold more than 50 prize drawings, assemble gift baskets for all residents, and pay for a catered lunch. They also organized a day of games and activities.


They are an amazing family,” said a spokesperson for the Sisters. “The family attended all the events, even one from Baltimore and one from Toledo.”


The Archbishop Liebold Home  serves elderly people without incomes regardless of race or religion, and is operated entirely by donations.


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