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Posted on Oct 27, 2013 | 1 comment

One Thing

One Thing

one thing barcelona candles

In popular recordings and at the Passion and Purpose Conference hosted by St. Mary Church in Hyde Park (OH) this fall, apologist and tristate resident Matthew Kelly proposed three “game changers” for Catholics and Catholic parishes. One of those three is to buy a notebook and take it to Mass. Listen to all the songs, prayers, readings, and the homily; and then write down just ONE THING that really strikes you — one thing that will make a difference in your life if you do it.

So let us know — what ONE THING stood out for you at Mass today?

Matthew Kelly is president of the Dynamic Catholic Institute, which is not affiliated with The Catholic Beat. 

1 Comment

  1. A lot of things add up to one thing for me today: Suffering is a mystery that brings us close to God — not for itself (because suffering is not in itself to be desired) but because it in a sacramental way is a tangible, physical sign pointing to something intangible and spiritual. God “knows no favorites” and us not “unduly partial toward the weak,” but we must whatever our state and fortunes in life be like the weak, who know that they are humble and need God.