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Posted on May 21, 2012 |

OLL Students Save Pull Tabs

OLL Students Save Pull Tabs

Some of the OLL students who collected more than 300,000 pull tabs to benefit Ronald McDonald House.

Students at Our Lady of Lourdes collected almost 200 pounds of pull tabs for this year’s Ronald McDonald House pull tab contest.

The annual program challenges area schools and organizations to collect the tabs used to open aluminum cans — tabs that the Ronald McDonald House recycles. One at a time, they’re worthless. But hundreds of thousands at a time add up to money that can make a difference for families in need. In 2010, the Pull Tab Collection Program brought in $16,000, all used to defray the costs of housing for families of sick children being treated at Children’s Hospital. Schools from anywhere in the tristate are eligible to participate.

OLL students collected pull tabs from September to April, bringing them to the cafeteria every Monday and dropping them in cans for each grade. Fifth-graders manned the tables and kept track of donations for each grade, marking each filled container on a graph. The classes were split into “buddy teams” for a friendly competition to see which would collect the most tabs.

When the contest ended April 22 (Earth Day), the winning buddy team was the made up of grades 3 and 5, and one of the Kindergarten rooms. They each recieved a Popsicle and an out-of-uniform day. The fifth-grade monitors calculated that the school’s contribution of 198 pounds of pull tabs came to 316,800 tabs, based on a ration of 1,600 tabs per pound, and that if each tab were laid  end to end, the line would stretch five miles.

The fifth-grade class also raised money for families of sick children staying at Ronald McDonald house by making and selling bracelets in art class. Made from pop tabs and ribbons, the 90 $1 bracelets and 30 50-cent key chains sold out quickly and raised $115.

“This was such a simple yet fun way to make a difference,” says the project coordinator, fifth-grade teacher Mrs. Schoenfeld. “It was inspiring to see the students helping each other master the bracelet-making technique in order to be able to touch the lives of kids and families at Children’s Hospital. We definitely plan on doing this again next year. Keep saving those tabs!”

Photo courtesy Our Lady of Lourdes School.