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Posted on Jun 4, 2014 |

New Video Features Parents of Priests

New Video Features Parents of Priests


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“He was always happy and had a good time, but there’s just a true inner joy,” since answering the call to priesthood, one local mother of a seminarian says in the newest addition to a video series for Mount St. Mary’s Seminary of the West.


Produced by Cincinnati-based USDigital Partners, the previous videos (see our story here and here) explore what seminary life is like and what it’s like to experience a call to priesthood.


The newest video, Parents of the Called, features Vocations Director Fr. Kyle Schnippel and three sets of parents (one his own). Filmed at St. William Church in Price Hill/Cincinnati, the seven-minute video features beautiful footage of the distinctive sanctuary, Fr. Schinppel vesting, and Mass, as well as short  one-on-one  interviews with the parents.


Sharon and Tom Schnippel, parents of Fr. Kyle Schnippel; Teresa and Tim Geiger, parents of seminarian Chris Geiger; and Mary Beth and Jim Bedel, parents of Fr. Jason Bedel, talk about their sons as children, share family photos, and talk about their reactions to the idea of having a their sons become priests.


Fr. Schnippel says that objections from parents are one of the biggest stumbling blocks men face when discerning a vocation. Many couples don’t know any parents of priests and don’t know what their lives, as well as their sons’ lives, would be like.


“We wanted to take a look at the impact felt by the parents of a priest/seminarian had in looking back on their son’s ordination (or discernment of a vocation),” he says. “I think one thing that comes across in all the videos is how proud all three couples are of their sons, and how they have found such joy in him as he discerned the vocation and the possibility of the priesthood.


“We hope that this can be a great opportunity for some of those walls that parents often have can be broken down.”


The video was released on June 2, the same day the seminary’s current students  launched their YouTube channel, “Men of the Mount.” They plan to release their own, very different videos aimed at the same goal: Helping young men and their families see what seminary life, and the life of a priest, is like (see our story here).


Fr. Schnippel isn’t worried about beginning a film rivalry. “Every priest has his own personality, every seminarian has his unique gifts,” he says. “Those gifts are not left at the door when he enters formation, but can and should be used to help in the spread of the Gospel. This video channel is a great idea and a wonderful way toc ontinue to break down some of the mysteries and misunderstandings of what actually happens in the seminary.


“I’m looking forward to seeing what they develop!”


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