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Posted on Jan 14, 2013 |

Meet: Linda Wolff, iPad Mini Winner

Meet: Linda Wolff, iPad Mini Winner

St. Antoninus School fifth-grade teacher Linda Wolff and her class show their response to her winning the Archdiocese of Cincinnati’s iPad Mini contest.

Linda Wolff, a fifth-grade teacher at St. Antoninus School in Delhi (OH) won the Archdiocese of Cincinnati’s Year of Faith iPad Mini giveaway this month.


“I was so surprised when I received the notice that I had won the iPad Mini,” she told The Catholic Beat. “I began to do research to find out exactly what I had won. It is my first “i” product!”


Ms. Wolff quickly discovered many educational apps available for the device — and that she could buy an adapter that would let her play the apps on her classroom Smartboard. “There is an app for historical maps that I want to check out, and another on Paul Revere, and countless others. The possibilities are endless.”


Ms. Wolff wanted the Archdiocese to know how grateful she is — and how grateful the fifth graders who will benefit from her win are —  to the Archdiocese for the iPad Mini, so they sent this photo to share.


Photo courtesy St. Antoninus School.


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