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Posted on Jul 9, 2012 |

July: Stephen B. Whatley

July: Stephen B. Whatley

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This Sacred Heart image is by British artist Stephen B. Whatley. The original is oil on canvas. Besides Catholic subjects — which have included the Blessed Mother, Divine Mercy, and many saints, — Whatley paints landscapes, cityscapes, portraits, and British landmarks. One of his specialties is painting on site before onlookers. Since 1992 he has painted numerous landmarks on location around London on the dates of their anniversaries, and in 2000 the Historic Royal Palaces and the Pool of London Partnership commissioned 30 paintings celebrating the Tower of London and the Pool of London. He recently painted Queen Elizabeth for her Diamond Jubilee.

“My work springs from my heart and soul and I give credit to God,” Whatley told Catholic Life magazine for their cover story about him (read it here). Received into the Church in 2011, Whatley had long been fascinated by Catholic art, saints, and liturgy. His paintings share a distinct color palette and are influenced by El Greco and Van Gogh. He considers himself to be an Expressionist, using distortion and exaggeration to reproduce inner truth.

See more of his artwork at his website, Prints are available of any image.

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