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Posted on Sep 6, 2016 |

First Octoberfest at St. Joe’s – This (September) Weekend

First Octoberfest at St. Joe’s – This (September) Weekend


Formerly the site of Taylor High School's stadium, this wooded field and gardnes will be transformed into a Bavarian-style

Formerly the site of Taylor High School’s stadium, this wooded field in North Bend (OH) will be tansformed Bavarian-style for the first-ever St. Joseph Church Oktoberfest this weekend.

St. Joseph Church
(North Bend, OH) will hold its first-ever Oktoberfest this weekend, though October is weeks away.


The Sept. 9th and 10th evening festival will be held at the field across the street from the church, which the parish says will be transformed to a Bavarian village. The former site of Taylor High School’s stadium, the field now belongs to the church and is the site of a growing prayer garden featuring a walking path and rough stone monuments marking the Stations of the Cross (for a photo tour, click here).


The Prayer Gardent and Stations of the Cross at St. Joseph.

The Prayer Gardent and Stations of the Cross at St. Joseph.

Rather than holding a parish festival, as they had in the past, St. Joseph Church members decided to try holding two smaller fundraising events each year. Parish spokesperson Tina Geers says the first, a St. Patrick’s Day party, was a success and that pastor Fr. XX Umberg, “
who is very Bavarian Catholic German at heart, wanted to have an Oktoberfest as our fall fundraiser.” Organizers hope to make it a regular fall event and are pulling out all the stops.


The September date makes it one of the first (but not the first) of Cincinnati’s Oktoberfests, and like the rest will feature all the hallowed Oktoberfest favorites: German music, beer, food, and more.


Live entertainment includes performances by the Cincinnati Schnaaps Band (Friday) and the Pete Wagner Band (Saturday), as well as German dancers and a special appearance by the Kolping Society Sangerchor. Imported and domestic beer and wine will be availalbe, as well as German brats, metts, giant pretzels, strudel, and other treats.


Games of chance, split the pot, and a raffle (grand price your choice of $5000 or a riding lawnmower) will be available.


Festival hours are Friday 6:30-11:30 pm and Saturday 5:30-11:30 pm. The event is family friendly.


For information or to buy raffle tickets see or call (513) 941-3661.


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