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Posted on Apr 1, 2015 |

Cross Walk Returns Friday

Cross Walk Returns Friday

Nailing prayers to a cross at one of the 2013 Cross Walks.

Nailing prayers to a cross at one of the 2013 Cross Walks.

If you’re anywhere near Downtown Cincinnati or Mt. Adams (OH) between 10 am to noon Friday, ask them to pray for you.


Participants in Holy Week Missions, an opportunity for American youth and families to do mission work without leaving the country, are in Cincinnati now for their weekend group missions and will be walking and praying. A project of Mission Youth from Regnum Christi, Holy Week Missions are held around the country and combine mission work with Triduum observances.


This is the third year Cincinnati has been a site. Three groups (young men, young women, and families) will begin their missions today, working at Matthew 25, St. Francis Seraph Ministries, The Drop Inn Center, the Chancery Office of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, St. Peter in Chains Cathedral, St. Leo the Great parish, St. William Church, and Holy Cross-Immaculata Church on service projects.


In addition, they will attend Morning and Evening Prayer, noon Angelus prayer, Triduum observances, and Eucharistic Adoration. In an observance unique to Cincinnati, they will also “pray the steps” at Holy Cross-Immaculata Church on Good Friday.


All Mission Youth Holy Week Missions include a distinctive Good Friday custom they call a “Cross Walk,” in which participants walk through an urban area carrying giant crosses and stopping to pray for people they meet along the way. Participants carry paper and pens, ask people they meet for their prayer intentions, and nail them to the cross as they go.


Cincinnati’s Cross Walk participants will walk several routes from St. Peter in Chains Cathedral to Holy Cross-Immaculata. They will begin with prayer at the Cathedral, start their walks at 9 am, and conclude by praying the steps before Angelus at the historic Mt. Adams church.

The annual tradition of “praying the steps” will begin at midnight, when Bishop Joe Binzer blesses the steps, and will last throughout Good Friday.


For information about last year’s Holy Week Missions, click here.

For information about praying the steps, click here.

Photos courtesy Regnum Christi.

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