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Posted on Jun 11, 2012 | 2 comments

Corpus Christi at St. Cecilia

Corpus Christi at St. Cecilia

The front of St. Cecilia's long Corpus Christi procession as it traveled the streets of Oakley Sunday.

The "Corpus" of "Corpus Christi" -- the Body of Christ held in a monstrance, set on a temporary altar on the streets of Oakely.

About 120 people followed members of the Knights of Columbus, Fr. Jamie Weber, and numerous servers, candle-bearers, canopy-holders, and others throughout the streets of Oakley (Cincinnati) for St. Cecilia Parish’s fifth annual Corpus Christi procession Sunday.

A few people looked on curiously, or came out of just-opening businesses off Oakley Square, to see the solemn, mostly silent procession. For the first time, the procession included several stops at temporary altars for prayer and hymns.

“I believe the Eucharistic procession is a fantastic sign that reminds us of what we are all called to do when we process out of the church after the typical dismissal of Mass,” Fr. Weber wrote in St. Cecilia’s parish bulletin. “What we are called to do with the words spoken to us, and the Eucharist we have just consumed, is to take them out, literally, through our human bodies, into the neighborhoods and into the marketplaces.

“The Eucharistic procession is such a powerful witness to the community of our faith and our belief in the Eucharist. Let us be that sign to each other and to the community.”

To see a gallery of images of the procession, click here for our Facebook album.


  1. St. Cecilia Parish in Oakley is bringing Christ to the community in a very real way.