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To contact The Catholic Beat, email us at

or write:

The Catholic Beat
c/o 6337 Aspen Way
Cincinnati, Ohio 45224


For information about underwriting, contact Steve at Sacred Heart Radio: (513) 731-7740 or


To contact Sacred Heart Radio, call:

Phone (513) 731-7740
Toll Free (855) 894-7579
Fax (513) 731-6465

or write:

Sacred Heart Radio
5440 Moeller Ave.,
Cincinnati, Ohio 45212



We’d love to hear from you!

1) Please add The Catholic Beat to your PR list. If you don’t have a PR list, then start one and make us your first contact! Send your event information and news to

2) Please send information about upcoming events as far in advance as you have it, and send roundups and photos of concluded events as soon as you have them. We reserve the right to edit all copy sent in, and remind you that, much as we’d like to, we can’t publish everything.

3) Include contact information (including a phone number) and everything else people want to know, especially:

  • the name of your parish or organization
  • all relevant dates and times, web sites
  • WHAT happened
  • WHERE it happened, and
  • WHY it happened.

4) Don’t bother to use special typefaces, just send in plain information. And don’t forget to send a few photos!

5) We’re especially interested in what makes your news different or unique. What is special about your festival? What unique traditions does your school have? Is your organization the first of its kind? The oldest? The biggest? The smallest? What makes you YOU?

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