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Posted on Aug 2, 2012 |

Choosing Hope and Grace

Choosing Hope and Grace

Hope and Grace Klare changed their parents’ lives forever — and the lives of their families and all who knew them. Their grandmother, Teresa Gray, founded 1 heart 2 souls, a charity to help families of children diagnosed or born with severe disabilities or fatal conditions. This article originally appeared in LifeSiteNews, which does not its articles to be reproduced. Read the opening paragraphs here:

One heart, two souls: The short lives of Hope and Grace Klare inspired a charity to support families like theirs.

Choosing Hope and Grace: How two babies who shared one heart momentarily brought heaven to earth


COVINGTON, Kentucky, June 22, 2012 ( – Luci and Chris Klare were barely married three months when, in December 2008, a pregnancy test revealed that they were nine months away from becoming a family. The couple was exuberant.

“It was joyful and frightening, but mostly pure elation,” recounted Luci on her family’s blog.

But the parents’ elation was short-lived. Two months into the pregnancy a visit to the doctor revealed that Luci was carrying conjoined twins who amazingly shared a single beating heart.

The doctor gave the twins one percent chance of survival.

Luci and Chris remember experiencing an impossible mix of emotions. They were elated by the thought of having twins but devastated by the thought of losing their babies so quickly.

The couple spent a number of days crying in each other’s arms, trying to find a way to make sense of the situation.

“God, why us?” they asked time and time again.

Luci found consolation in remembering the loud and clear thumping of her babies’ heartbeat that she had heard during the doctor’s appointment. “When I heard their heart beat for the first time, I was in love.” The echo of that heartbeat in her memory reminded her that she was still a mother and these unusual babies were still her children.

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