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Posted on Sep 28, 2016 |

Cardinal Pacelli School Adopts Family Model

Cardinal Pacelli School Adopts Family Model

One of the family groups at Cardinal Pacelli School (Mt. Lookout/Cincinnati) gets to know one another.

Students get to know each other in one of the family-thened groups at Cardinal Pacelli School (Mt. Lookout/Cincinnati).

To help students realize that the family unit is the backbone of an ordered, flourishing society. With this in mind, Cardinal Pacelli School in Mt. Lookout/Cincinnati has instituted a new buddy system that operates like a family.  

“We have created 21 school families with two students from each grade level, led by the eighth graders.” said teacher Kristy Goff. “A faculty member serves as an advisor for each family. Students will stay in these families throughout their entire time at Cardinal Pacelli, and as the eighth graders graduate, the new Kindergarteners take their place.”

Each year the school will adopt a theme and corresponding church song, beginning this year with “Come, Follow Me.”  The student families will focus on following in the footsteps of Jesus as they get to know each other better and learn to work cooperatively.


Students decorated a postor of their family group's patron saint as a m

Students decorated a poster of their family group’s patron saint as they got to know each other  during their first meeting.

“Building a deeper understanding of community will help us develop a strong solidarity,” said Principal Terri Cento. “We hope to see our students develop the understanding that for a community to prosper, each of its members must be responsible and contribute positively to the whole community.”

Eighth grade teacher Ben Habel led one of the family groups’s first meeting, which began with a prayer and introductions. 

“The students discussed how they would ‘Come follow Jesus,’ and our Flat Francis (a small paper image of Pope Francis that will be used for various activities) was revealed to them.  All family leaders hide a Flat Francis for their family members to find before their next gathering.”

Photo courtesy Cardinal Pacelli School.

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