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Posted on Dec 30, 2011 |

Angel Night Draws 700+

Angel Night Draws 700+

A carriage awaiting riders in front of Calvary Cemetery’s St. Henry Chapel, illuminated for the 2011 Angel Night.

From the Son Rise Morning Show Blog, Dec. 2011:

Earlier this month we told you about the first-ever evening advent event at Calvary Cemetery in Dayton (Ohio). Organizers planned crafts, choir concerts, and horse-drawn carriage rides through the specially illuminated grounds on a route that featured more than a dozen statues of angels.

“From the cars parked, the cookies decorated, the hot dogs consumed and the horse drawn carriage rides taken, we had more than 700 people visit us the evening of December 8 for our first ever Evening of Song and Celebration,” says Calvary Cemetery Superintendent Rick Meade — double attendance projectsions. “We are very grateful for the community’s response to our invitation.”
Calvary is one of the famed Victorian garden-style cemeteries founded in the late 1800s. Set on the terraced Moraine ridge in Kettering overlooking Carillon Park and the University of Dayton, Calvary’s 200 landscaped acres include classic art and historic statuary — usually viewed only by daylight.
The twinkling lights of Carillion Park, the skyline of Dayton visible from Calvary’s hilltops through the bare trees, and the nearly full moon made for beautiful carriage rides.
“Based on our success this year we will definitely do this again.”
Tours, special masses, and other events are scheduled throughout the year at Calvary Cemetery. For more information, click on the web address above.
Photo by Julie Walling Photography for Calvary Cemetery.