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Posted on Oct 1, 2013 |

Tajci: 1000th I Do Believe Concert

Tajci: 1000th I Do Believe Concert

The Cameron family singing I Do Believe, the signature song of all her I Do Believe concerts. Photo by Danko Puttar 2013; courtesy Tajci.

The Cameron family singing I Do Believe, the signature song of all her I Do Believe concerts. Photo by Danko Puttar 2013; courtesy Tajci. Click any photo to enlarge.

Tatiana “Tajci” Cameron’s 1000th I Do Believe concert will feature musicians who have toured with her over the last 13 years, and the introduction of her new album Awaken.


Tacji’s story is a remarkable one that echos the stories of familiar American stars from Dolly Parton to Britney Spears — but has a very different ending.


Growing up in a tiny 400-sq.-ft. apartment in Croatia with nine adults after her family’s farm was seized by the communist government, Tacji rocketed to pop star fame after winning the Yugovision song contest and coming in 7th in the international Eurovision song contest. She remained so popular in her country and throughout Europe that a Barbie-style doll was made in her image, and parents named their daughters after her.


But a crisis of faith led her to give up stardom and come to the United States, where she eventually married, settled in Cincinnati, and began to tour the country giving free concerts based on the birth, life, and passion of Christ. Three babies and 13 years later, she will give her 1000th I Do Believe concert at the College of Mount St. Joseph on Oct. 26th.


“We have invited every musician that has toured with us since we started in 1999, and are excited to announce that Sanya, Denny Bouchard, Larissa Fedoryka, Hannah Murgler, Dan Roeder and many others have already confirmed their presence,” Tacji says. “That means that we will have an amazing orchestra of tremendously talented people on the stage, not only to play but also for us but also to acknowledge their sacrifices (and tell funny stories about them while muting their microphones).


Tajci as a teen pop star; image source unknown.

Tajci as a teen pop star; image source unknown.

“We are inviting everyone (literally everyone) by asking every one of the 1,000 parishes to spread the word to help us reach out to the thousands and thousands of people whom we met along the way! Ticket price is set at mere $20 (to cover the show cost). We promise this will be an event that happens once in a lifetime.”


I Do Believe has been a family project from the beginning. Tajci’s husband, Matthew Cameron, handled all the bookings, logistics, light and sound setup, and even driving. The Camerons’ three sons (the oldest, Dante, is now 13) appear on stage with her. Along the way the Camerons have undertaken other arts ventures, created a variety of other concerts (including a Big Band concert), and launched a tour of Croatia.


It’s a journey that has led her back to her roots in popular music, the impetus for her new album. “The theme and the message of the 1,000th concert is ‘Awaken,’ – the inspiration and the awareness that we as people need to awake and realize how we are all connected,” says Matthew Cameron.


“This is also a celebration of Tajci’s music filled with lyrics taken from our encounters with people, their inspiring stories that let us see the best of the American spirit – all of which empowered us and enriched us.”


Tajci released a single from the new album, Keep Your Head Up/Glavu Podigni, in both English and Croatian this summer.


When you think about it,” Matthew mused, “we are all travelers on our journey through life. That’s why the song, ‘Keep Your Head Up’  on Awaken is so relatable.”


Tajci’s fall tour will take the Cameron family to Columbus, the Basilica and National Shrine of Our Lady of Consolation, Michigan, Wisconson, Illinois, Delaware, and Indiana, culminating in the 1000th show in Cincinnati. The tour and show will be filmed for an independent documentary that will be available on DVD.


In addition to her music, Tajci will share humorous and poignant stories of her journey at the concert. “Her story is an inspiration to all: musicians, artists, mothers, immigrants, entrepreneurs,” says Matthew. “She sings like an angel, works harder than anyone I’ve ever met and shares of herself freely to uplift, inspire and engage.”


For updates on the tour, see the event Facebook page. To purchase tickets, click here.


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Tatiana "Tajci" Cameron. Photo by Danko Puttar 2013; courtesy Tajci.

Tatiana “Tajci” Cameron. Photo by Danko Puttar 2013; courtesy Tajci.