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Posted on Feb 1, 2013 |

UD Honors Vatican Radio Host

UD Honors Vatican Radio Host


Vatican Radio’s Sean-Patrick Lovett.

The University of Dayton honored Sean-Patrick Lovett, director of Vatican Radio English Section and professor of communication at Pontifical Gregorian University, for “outstanding lifetime dedication to Gospel values using mass media” yesterday, presenting him with the Daniel J. Kane Religious Communications Award from UD’s Institute for Pastoral Initiatives.


Lovett , who describes himself as Irish by blood, African by birth and Italian by adoption, studied at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, and the National Academy in Rome. He has a Doctorate in Communications “Honoris Causa” from the American University of Rome.


He began working at Vatican Radio under Pope Paul VI in 1977 and later served as a war correspondent in the 1980s in Lebanon, South Africa and Northern Ireland. He followed Pope John Paul II on many of his international pilgrimages for 26 years as a Vatican reporter.


Vice president of the Centre de Recherché en Communication, in Lyon, France, he coordinates media and communications workshops in Africa. He worked with Mother Teresa to write The Best Gift is Love, an has done voice-overs for dozens of films, cartoons and documentaries.


“The Church is communication — because it is the ‘Word,’” Lovett says. “And the ‘Word’ is alive, dynamic and interactive by nature. So the Church will continue to use everything available to ensure it remains true to that nature.”


“My experience at Vatican Radio over the past 35 years has taken me from recording programs on magnetic tapes to uploading blogs on smartphone apps, from shortwave broadcasts to Internet podcasts. The ‘who,’ ‘what,’ ‘when,’ where’ and ‘why’ of Church communication hasn’t changed much in 2,000 years — nor is it likely to. The ‘how’ is changing even as we speak, so it’s just as well we’re adaptable.”


For the last seven years, Lovett has met with UD’s Chaminade Scholars on their annual art, culture and spirituality immersion pilgrimage to Rome.


“The Chaminade scholars are special because they are fully aware of the precious opportunities the program offers,” Lovett says. “They are hungry, not just for knowledge, but for the understanding that comes through lived experience. And if it’s understanding and experience you’re after, believe me, there’s no place like Rome.”


The Kane award is named for Daniel J. Kane, former communications director for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.


Lovett spoke last night at UD’s Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation annual conference. VLCFF is an online program for adults offered at more than 60 dioceses in the United States and in morethan 40 countries. It offers more than 85 online courses in every year on topics such as Catholic doctrine, church history, communication, ecclesiology, liturgy, sacraments, prayer, Marianist studies, morality, scripture, social justice and world religions. It also offers certificates in five areas. In 2012, it enrolled more than 5000 students.


After Feb. 1, Lovett’s talk can be heard online at at


Photo courtesy the University of Dayton.


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