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Posted on Nov 19, 2012 |

SC Ministry Foundation Sends $100K to Sandy Relief

SC Ministry Foundation Sends $100K to Sandy Relief

Catholic Charities is always one of the first organizations to respond to a disaster.

The SC Ministry Foundation, headquartered in Cincinnati, has sent $100,000 in storm relief to several US states, Cuba, Jamaica, and Haiti to deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy (downgraded to “Superstorm” when it hit the USA).


A grant-making organization promoting the mission and ministry of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati, the Foundation has given the funds to numerous disaster responders, including Catholic Charities USA and local Catholic Charities in some of the hardest-hit American regions (including Brooklyn and Queens, New York, Catholic Rockville Centre, Newark, Trenton, and Camden). Grants were also made to Catholic Relief Services to help with international relief efforts, and additional funding went to the American Red Cross.


“We continue to keep those impacted by Hurricane Sandy in our thoughts and prayers, as well as those people providing relief services,” saus Sr. Sally Duffy, SC. “We hope that there will be continued generosity from those who are witnessing the suffering.”


Photo courtesy Catholic Charities USA.

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