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Posted on Nov 9, 2012 | 1 comment

Radio Producer Introduces #Funding Friday

Radio Producer Introduces #Funding Friday

A Dominican priest helps out at street evangelization in Portland, OR.

Author and Son Rise Morning Show producer Matt Swaim talks to people every day who are working hard to teach, evangelize, serve, and otherwise help people.


As an employee of a listener-supported radio station, he knows how much charities, agencies, and organizations depend on donations. He’s seen first-hand how many small donations can make a huge difference to an operating budget, and how even a relatively small, one-time donation can make a difference when it’s needed most.


Swaim and his wife Colleen — a teacher and author — came up with a way to make a small contribution go a long way. Knowing that people can often spare a small amount ($5 or $10) after they have taken care of their obligations and other donations, they decided to launch “Funding Friday” (#FundingFriday on Twitter).


Every Friday on their blog Duel to the Death, on their Twitter accounts, and at 6:15 on the Son Rise Morning Show, they will ask people to consider making a small donation to one small charity or organization.


“The idea is not to let them know ahead of time,” Swaim says, “but to blindside them with donations.”


The couple will post information about the recipient and the direct online address to make donations. The first week, they chose Holy Spirit School in Evansville, IN, and saw about $200 in donations to the inner-city school run by Fr. Claude Burns (aka “Fr. Pontifax”). “That can buy books for a classroom,” the Swaims say. “That’s $200 they don’t have to raise.”


The second week, they chose the Benedictine Volunteer Corps’ Outreach to the Elderly in Kenya, raising more than $400 in small donations.


Today it’s St. Paul Street Evangelization, a national grassroots group that sets up on street corners and other public places to talk to people about the Catholic Church in a non-confrontational, but disciplined way. Based in Portland, OR, the group has more than 15 chapters around the United States. Startup costs range from $300 – $500 and the group has just launched a fundraising campaign to purchase pamphlets, signs, and other materials needed.


To make a donation, click here or on the link above.


Of course, larger donations are welcome as well, but the Swaims say even $3 (the price of an expensive cup of coffee) can make an impact when it’s combined with other dontaions. They ask that you make a contribution, then retweet (or repost) the request to your contacts — yes, forwarding this link counts — and pray one Our Father, one Hail Mary, and one Glory Be for the intentions of the organization while your payment processes.


The Catholic Beat is glad to be able to help with this “flash fundraising” effort. Every Friday we will let you know about the day’s target organization here.


Follow Matt Swaim on Twitter at @mattswaim.

Photo courtesy St. Paul Street Evangelization.

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1 Comment

  1. I’m really happy the swarms are heading this up and that it’s growing so quickly. Not only does it help souls in need but it’s another aspect of the new evangelization to bring awareness to the works of charity Catholic faithful are performing daily all over the world.